Coming of age; coming apart

3 thoughts on “Coming of age; coming apart”

  1. There’s no resolution? You are sorry for her at the END and then it’s OVER? Are ALL CAPS any better than exclamation points, after all

    1. Well, it’s not over with any sense of finality, no. But it is a coming of age novel, so you don’t feel like everything has ended, just that her reflection on her youth has concluded, kind of.

      I would also say it’s less sorry for her that I felt and more poignant, bittersweet – quiet, grave, reflective sorts of feelings. The book doesn’t really ask you to feel sorry for Jeanette by, say, trotting out all her tragedies. Her story is just one that is hard, in that human way that everyone has hard things, and that made me feel sad.

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